Jordy Pordy
About the Company
Jordy Pordy Productions, LLC, was established in 2008 by Jordan Herskowitz. Since its conception, the production company has received international acclaim and recognition. Jordy Pordy Productions produces exemplary, thought-provoking plays, workshops, and other creative services that develop, enlighten, and inspire individuals.

Its first full-length theatrical production, Growing Up Jordy Pordy, has toured internationally around the United States, the United Kingdom, and South Africa. To learn more about the play, please click here.

Its second production, The Girls of Chapel Road, is currently being workshopped. To learn more about the new play, please click here.

About the Founder
Jordan Herskowitz is an accomplished actor, writer, and teacher. Jordan received the E. R. Showman Scholarship to study theatre at The University of Tulsa in Oklahoma. Herskowitz graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies, a certificate in Judaic Studies, and a minor in Communication.

His theatrical roles include playing Horatio in Hamlet, Torvald in A Doll’s House, and seven different characters in the Oklahoma premiere of Indoor/Outdoor. Jordan has also excelled behind the scenes, from stage managing to working on lighting design.

In addition to acting and writing, Jordan has a passion for teaching. He teaches drama at a private upper school in New Jersey, and has developed and led original creative drama curriculum for talent agencies, community centers, and faith-based groups. Jordan has traveled extensively around the world, performing and leading classes in the United States, South Africa, Argentina, the United Kingdom, and Austria. Jordan currently resides in New York City area.